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We transform complex data into actionable business strategy using advanced statistics and machine learning.


“Arbitrage through information”


Computational Advertising

One significant advantage of online advertising is the incredible level of detailed data available. Unlike TV, radio, or print, we can see ad impressions and responses on an individual level, in real time. We can track who sees an ad, if they visit your website immediately, or at any point in the future. We can correlate impressions and/or repeated impressions by demographic with website visits or other goals. However, most brands are still using very simple static ad-hoc models that fail to leverage all of the information available.


The rapid growth of technology has made computational finance and algorithmic trading more accessible to both smaller firms and individual investors. There are a wide range of tools available, from simple Excel spreadsheets, to full trading systems provided by online brokers. While the off-the-shelf tools are fine for the amateur investor, most need more powerful and flexible solutions.

We can help you develop complex strategy back-testing systems, portfolio optimization, full algorithmic trading systems, or anything in between. Our team generally works with R, Interactive Brokers, or raw C++ as needed. However, we are open to developing financial models and systems within your preferred platform.

Data Science

Gaming and Sports Book

Gaming and sports book are literally case studies in the real-life applications of probabilistic mathematics.

Our team develops wagering models for many types of clients. Much of our work has regarded direct methods of wagering such as for sports wagering syndicates, large individual sports bettors, and horse racing syndicates. We have also worked with many private individuals who have independently creating wagering models and and with various start-up businesses in these industries. Our team has significant experience with Monte Carlo simulated game play, in-play wagering, optimal bet sizing, and money management.

Our approach to gaming models is intentionally cold, calculating and devoid of emotion. We believe in using math to quantify uncertainty as much as possible and then placing the optimally sized bet where there is positive expectation.

Noah Silverman has lectured on sports betting ( and published two papers on mathematical models of horse racing. (, )


Crypto-currencies are a new type of asset that have been rapidly growing in popularity over the past few years. They are, in effect, a form of a digital bearer bond. Some people consider these new currencies an asset for investment and trading, others consider it a viable currency for purchasing goods and services. Currently, Bitcoins are the most popular asset in this class.

Crypto-currencies offer a number of advantages over cash, gold, credit cards, or other forms of payment. They can be anonymous, provide for 100% verifiable transactions that can’t be reversed, are generally impossible to counterfeit, and allow instant person-to-person payments globally. Furthermore, and much to the fear of credit card companies, payment can be made faster, more securely, and with zero transaction fees.

For such an unregulated asset and ecosystem, the Bitcoin trading world seems to have settled in to a fairly self-organized system. However, the multitude of exchanges, crypto-currencies, and fiat currencies circulating through this system can be overwhelming.

At Smart Media, we are intimately familiar with all aspects working with crypt-currency. If you want to trade the asset, implement sophisticated payment processing, integrate into current financial systems, or even develop automated arbitrage strategies; we can help.

Noah Silverman often speaks on Bitcoin, ( and is the regular Bitcoin columnist for The Wilmott Journal of Finance.

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